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So you are about to design a new website and you want to know what the best possible solutions are to enhance your online business presence. I often come across clients who ask me many questions that they really aren’t sure whose answer is correct because there are so many different views on good web design. “Should I avoid flash?” “What things should I do for Search Engine Optimization?” Here are a few tips that I think are the most important to follow.

1. Choose a professional web design company. People tend to hire freelance or student designers to develop the face of their business online in order to save money. In the end chances are you won’t get the education you need to understand the benefits of how a website can create an effective ROI or develop the website to allow expansion in the future. If you are truly budget driven then I would recommend renting a template until you are able to invest in this aspect of marketing.

2. PLAN FOR MARKETING. Development is only fraction of the cost. More often than not people have this idea that when they develop their site an influx of traffic will come and they will just reap the rewards. Like any business success is not likely overnight and a marketing strategy should be in place at the same time as development to ensure that results are achieved.

3. Be cutting edge. When you stand out with design and functionality and come up with new and creative ideas then chances are you will get picked up faster by media and online interest.

4. Search Engine Marketing has changed. Everyone has their say about what to do with SEO and how to achieve results. The bottom line is that it takes time and money like ever other marketing initiative. The most important aspect of good SEO is: Good, relevant content, things like articles, blogs etc. that are constantly changing. External online efforts, social media, blogs, directories, cross linking. Solid coding and good and clean programming.

5. Understand your business model. Know how you are going to make money and create a website that is an extension of your business and not just an online portfolio. With today’s technology there are ample opportunities to capitalize on a profit driven resource from your website.

6. Use rich media. Videos, good copy writing and professional photography will all add to the success of your website and provide a trustworthy representation of your business. The more transparent you are the more your audience will want to communicate with you.

7. Be authentic. People know when they are being sold a story or a gimmick, be true to your business, make sure your copy writer is creating copy that resonates with what you feel and your true passion about your business. Communicating authenticity is going to get you clients that appreciate what you have to offer them.

8. Don’t be afraid to challenge the status quo. Do something different, understand what makes you unique and use that to be the focus of your website and marketing initiative. You want your potential clients to remember you from the 10 websites they see online. When you stick out, you draw attention which normally converts to online leads.

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9. Listen to the professional. if your web developer is advising you against an idea you have, chances are they are doing it for good reason. Don’t focus on something that can be detrimental to your success, a good designer wants to create something they can showcase and be proud of so if you hired them, then you should trust them to build you the best online presence for your business.

10. Sign up today! Always have calls to actions on your home page to start building your list of people. Even if they don’t convert to clients you can keep them on your list for future marketing initiatives. Offer something for free like a tips sheet so that the benefit is mutual.

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branding, marketing, web design toronto, los angeles

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