Mayavii Case Study


The Problem:

Our client like many business owners knew his business inside and out, but when it came to branding and marketing Ilan Halfon and Irad Carpel knew they had to turn to the professionals. Which is exactly what they did the day Ilan walked into our office and hired U2R1 Media to rebrand and re-launch their company. BN Cosmetics was the current name of their company, which stood for “Brand Named Cosmetics”. The problem with this was that they had multiple websites which all had different names to them “Sea of Spa”, “Dr. Kadir” “Black Pearl” all representing the brands they carried but never the company as a whole.

The other challenge faced by the client was that they needed to penetrate the Canadian market as the sole distributor of these products, but no body knew who they were. While the product had a lot of recognition and credibility in Europe it still needed to establish its presence in North America.

The Solution:
Mayavii's New Logo

It was up to U2R1 Media to create a foundation and a brand that represented the core essence of the client: skin care lines that were chemical free, organic and anti aging. Luxury in a bottle. U2R1 Media knew that it was essential to create a brand that encompassed everything that the clients stood for, we had to create a name that represented all their brands and the true meaning behind the products they chose to distribute. That’s when Mayavii was born, Mayavii is two words put together “maya” or “mayiim” the Hebrew word for water and “vii” the Italian word for life together “Mayavii” in Sanscript means magic and from that came “Mayavii Skin Care – Supplying the MAGIC of beauty”

The next steps happened simultaneously, U2R1 Media was hired to create the new Mayavii brand, website and execute the marketing and PR to gain recognition and industry awareness. The Toronto International Film Festival was right around the corner and we knew that we had to act fast in order to launch Mayavii and TIFF was the perfect opportunity to announce the product to the “who’s, who” in our society. U2R1 Media secured a spot at the Hugo Boss gifting suite where Ilan and Irad showcased their product to celebrities and the media as well as giving them 10 minute facials and allowing them to really experience “The Magic” that is Mayavii.

Now Mayavii has a great brand and website and is gaining vast publicity across Canada, a great start to a new launch and an ongoing campaign to ensure public awareness of the product.

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