Google to penalize your website for not being mobile friendly!



We weren’t kidding the face of the internet is about to change for good and you could be gravely effected!

It happened with A-tracks, cassette players, analogue, VHS and now it’s happening with websites. Over the years, the evolution of technology has constantly forced us to move towards the new, ditch the old and take the dive into the future, whether we like it or not.

it’s consumerism at its best.  Force everyone to buy new things by making the old obsolete. Today we face that reality once again. Google has announced that it will start to penalize websites that are not mobile friendly.  This may come to some of you as stressful information, the thought of having to redevelop your website can stir up some emotional turmoil, we totally get it.

But we want to let you know that this is actually a good thing! Changing your site to evolve with technology means reaching new clients, attracting new audiences and captivating new users!

Ultimately transformation allows you to rethink your brand, how you are communicating to your audience and how your audience is responding.

Are you getting leads from your current site?
Are you looking at your web analytics and seeing which pages drive traffic the most?

Is your website making you money? As much money as possible?

The bottom line is that the world is moving towards mobile as our lives majorly occur in handheld devices.  It is critical that businesses keep riding the tides of digital transformation, otherwise face dropping to the bottom of the internet abyss as the mighty Google penalizes your search engine rankings if you aren’t jumping on the mobile movement and fast.  That means all your SEO investment over the years could be dumped if your site isn’t mobile friendly. 

By rewarding websites that are meeting the necessary criteria, Google is continuing to shape the digital landscape, ensuring that all those who are reliant follow suit.

The good news is we are here to help! Our team will audit your website and brand and provide you with the most efficient and strategic plan moving forward to transform and update your website with ease.

Not only will we be able to advise you on the technical elements, but we will also provide you with ideas on how to increase your ROI by improving calls to actions, brand communication, and overall look and feel to ensure that your audience is hooked on impact!

For the next 30 days we are offering a website audit for $500 (regular price $1500).  

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We’ll make sure you don’t fall off the face of the Google!
(offer ends May 31st 2015)


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