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Branding Blunders

Where to Start? Successful branding is not as easy as it looks; there are many steps you have to take into account. Much like picking out the perfect outfit, it takes a little time and practice but in the end all the elements come together to create a cohesive look. Here we’ve outlined some of the most common mistakes people…

U2R1 new logo – Revealed!

Thank you to all who voted! Your participation, enthusiasm and feedback was so helpful and really made the entire process very exciting and fun! As we went through all the comments and numbers it came down to A and C at an almost equal running, with C trailing slightly behind. It seems like the public was on the same page…

Gap’s new logo = fail

So for those of you who have not yet seen Gap’s new logo, your doing yourself a service.  It baffles me when multimillion dollar companies create visual identities that have absolutely no creative ingenuity at all. After all their creative marketing initiatives via commercials it seems as though Gap’s recent efforts to re-brand have fallen off the creative totem poll…

Sari Gabbay is the Woman to Watch!

Sari Gabbay is featured as the woman to watch for the week of May 10th 2010. In addition, Mix 96.7 conducted a radio interview courtesy of Women’s Post. You can listen to the interview here. branding, marketing, web design toronto, los angeles

Sari Gabbay on WomensPost.ca

Sari Gabbay President of U2R1 Media is currently an ongoing columnist for Women’s Post, the online magazine designed for professional women. Being a successful entrepreneur herself, Sari regularly shares her experiences and knowledge to every women out there to create their own success. Read Sari Gabbay’s articles here. branding, marketing, web design toronto, los angeles

U2R1 Media on CityNews

As part of a special online makeover for publicist Dana Fields. CityNews consulted U2R1 Media for tips on making social media work for business. U2R1 explained hot to improve a social media presence, and how to utilize online social media tools like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn to their full potential. branding, marketing, web design toronto, los angeles

U2R1 on Rogers Daytime TV

U2R1 Media was featured on Rogers Daytime in York Region on January 18th, discussing the vital importance of a web presence for any business. As a case study, we profiled the success of G-Force Home Training since their redesign of their website last year. branding, marketing, web design toronto, los angeles

Interview with Global National

On August 24th, Sari Gabbay was interviewed by Mike Drolet from Global National regading Toques & Beavers and raising money for our Canadian athletes.

U2R1 is chosen Top Design House!

U2R1 Media Inc. was chosen Top Design house by DesignHide.com! Our hard work and dedication to out-of-the-box design proves effective globally! Check out out spotlight! branding, marketing, web design toronto, los angeles

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