U2R1 new logo – Revealed!


Thank you to all who voted! Your participation, enthusiasm and feedback was so helpful and really made the entire process very exciting and fun!

As we went through all the comments and numbers it came down to A and C at an almost equal running, with C trailing slightly behind.

It seems like the public was on the same page as us because they picked our favorites as well!

Here’s what people were saying:

U2R1 Brand Identity A

  • confidence & strength
  • traditional font
  • easy to read
  • eye appealing
  • regal & classy
  • sassy & sleek
  • clean & sophisticated
  • high class & fun 

    • creative
    • contemporary
    • clean & simple
    • minimalistic
    • classic & elegant


U2R1 Brand Identity C

    • great use of space
    • great juxtaposition of box & circles
    • shouting creativity
    • represents tagline
    • “I LOVE IT”
    • redefining the box
    • strategy & design related


the final reveal!

Although identity C got a lot of positive feedback, our conclusive decision was to choose Identity A with some minor revisions. The scores for both were VERY close, and our final decision was based on one very important factor. Which identity was stronger as a BRAND vs which identity was more inline with an artistic design. We felt that Identity A was a stronger BRAND focused identity. While identity C was more artistic, which works well for creativity and art, but is not always the best route when deciding on a business identity.

Our focus this time around was on our name. We get that our name is sometimes hard to remember or say, but we have had it for 10 years and it’s has a lot of meaning and history. So rather than changing the name, we made it stand out, Strong, Bold, Fun and representative of who we are!

As you can see, we made some tweaks to the font to add elements that the other logos had, integrating a more curvy, flowing look to the font without veering too much away from the original.

So without further adieu!

We would like to announce the new face of U2R1!

U2R1 final logo

As we move forward to complete all our brand materials and new image we will release our progress to our fans, helping people understand and experience what it means to create a new business identity!

As for the winner?? Well you will have to stay tuned!! As we will be announcing who won the Branding Package in the coming weeks!

our new URL

Our new URL to reflect our new image is www.u2r1.ws (with style) don’t forget to keep checking back for more exciting reveals and contests!

Once we complete our official visual brand guidelines document we’ll have it available for download so you can learn more about who we are, what our tagline means, what we stand for and get a strong idea of how all businesses should build their brand identity and core blueprint.

Blessings and Prosperity






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