TIFF is in the air!


Recently over the past few months we have expanded our company to offer more marketing services now with expanded knowledge in social media marketing and bringing on new members to our team!

This year we got our client Mayavii Skin Care to launch their new brand and website at the Hugo Boss gifting suite where they showcased their skin care line. It was really my first time at TIFF and it was definitely an interesting experience. There were aspects of TIFF that I really enjoyed, mostly like how excited our clients were during the entire experience, it was very rewarding. However my impression of this time is tainted by all the ego flailing around about esteem, prestige and status.

Maybe if I was more interested in films I could appreciate this event a lot more, but I’m surrounded by the whole celebrity hype and it’s getting quite annoying. What’s the deal with all this enamor? I’m so not into the worship that famous people receive and I personally think that it’s a flaw in human behaviour.

But alas if you can’t beat ’em join ’em right? So I take advantage of this cultural phenomenon and help my client climb the ladder to success! You can’t always fight the system and this is certainly not something that’s going to change any time soon. Some people are just born to be admired!

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