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I was just talking to a friend of mine about this woman who works for a law firm that expects her to be at the office at 6am, stay till about 7pm and work weekends. The funny thing is the owner of this firm is finding a hard time getting employees and can’t understand why!

How do you find a company that will best suit your needs? Look at their employees, are they happy? overworked? passionate? All this will reflect on production and quality. I never believed in the notion of living for work, life is about enjoyment, sharing and fulfilling your talents and if you are lucky getting paid for what you love to do.

Employees who work around the clock and don’t have time for their own lives will be resentful and open to the next bigger and better opportunity. IMHO the North American 40 hour work week regulations are absurd. Now I enjoy my career so working 40 hours a week is more like fun and excitement for me. However I can’t imagine having to work at a job that I hate for that much of my lifespan. This is time we never get back! It’s strange to see how people live their lives as if they will have the opportunity for a do over one day when they wake up to the reality of their lives. (now on a spiritual realm if you believe in reincarnation then perhaps that would be the case but it will never be the same life, so this is all you get for who you are today!)

It also says a lot about the owner of the company who respects their employees need for freedom and a social life, a life outside their job. A company is made up of the team that plays for them, yes employees are replaceable but the day will come that you will compromise your quality and service when you have alienated all of the people who realize that they will be appreciated somewhere else, that there are company’s out there who do value the team players.

Of course that doesn’t mean let your employees run amok and just do whatever they want. Unfortunately we are not living in Europe where 2-4 in the afternoon is siesta time. So we have to comply with mainstream society to be successful in this country. That being said though, it’s in everyone’s best interest to make the work environment enjoyable and fun!

So today, do something nice for the people who help your company grow and be the success it is today. Show them appreciation and it will go a long way towards the future of your business. PLUS it never hurts to make someone, anyone, smile.


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