Take the Leap… To your best life!


Why is it so hard for us to take leaps of faith in our lives? To look at an opportunity that can open the doors to significant joy and happiness and turn our backs out of sheer fear.

I remember well, every situation in life that made me crawl into a ball and cry tears of anxiety and anguish.  I knew my soul wasn’t being fulfilled, I knew I was allowing myself to get attached to the physical manifestations that I was so focused on and I knew that I was the only person who could create change in my life.

No matter what that meant I was determined to be the person I always knew I could be, and since my life mantra was that “doubt was the decision not to participate” I could not live any other way.  Somehow though my ego/temptress had me convinced that I was going on a downward spiral, hence the curled up in a ball crying moments of my life.  But I Sari Gabbay, was no failure, that wasn’t in my DNA nor would that ever be my reality.  So I made a conscious decision to surrender.

Last night funny enough I was watching the last episode of GLEE and at the end of the show, Rachel the main character was breaking up with Finn her boyfriend.  He was letting her go, to follow her dreams and he knew he couldn’t be with her.  While granted this is a silly teenage TV show, the message was loud and clear and as she was balling her eyes out in probably what was the worst moment of her “life”, Finn looked at her and said “Just surrender.”  Needless to say it hit home, and brought me right back to the day where I too surrendered.

This was my leap of faith.  I took the leap to let go and let the universe handle my challenges, I literally looked up to the sky and said “God this is on your shoulders now, I’m going to commit to being happy and grateful in the moments that I have… you deal with this crap!

Flash forward to today, where I can honestly say that I’m running on passion overload and every day is such and exciting experience for me!  My “leap of faith” lead me to exactly the opportunities I was praying for.  One of those amazing divine opportunities was meeting Melissa Ramos, Nutritionist from Sexy Food Therapy.  We are joining forces to create an online program that will transform your life… but only if you want it to… and only if you are committed… to taking the leap towards creating the best life you could possibly have.

This is her testimonial to me, for achieving her True Prosperity… Isn’t she beautiful?

Melissa Ramos's True Prosperity Testimonial

  • Move out of your emotional stagnation
  • Receive everything you always wanted!
  • Understand your True Prosperty and how to create it!
  • Get your best body ever!
  • Love the food you eat, and love the way you look and feel!


Sexy-Rich 411 is launching in June/2012 and we are looking for women who are ready to be the sexiest and richest they have ever been!  Just look at Melissa’s testimonial below about how I have helped her “Take the Leap” aand as a result create abundance and joy in her every day life!

So sign up today at our newsletter: www.u2r1.ws and stay tuned because this program will sell out! And it will change the lives of those who come on board and take the LEAP with us!

Spreading Prosperity Consciousness,


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