Shooting for the Stars!


I’m sitting here in Manhattan Beach LA wondering how I’m going to write about how excited I am about launching our new online look and overall updated brand. This has been a challenging year for me, growing in the face of adversity is the most difficult and most rewarding way of evolution. Fortunately I’ve managed to stick to my guns when it comes to challenges and saw them as nothing but opportunities for prosperity. Mind you some days were rougher than others, but today I am excited to start a new!

Launching our new look means a lot more than just a face-lift for U2R1 Media, we’ve worked really hard this year to expand our services and support to our clients. Having the opportunity to experience what my clients go through when they launch or re-brand and the thrill that comes with it, is exhilarating! We are also excited about our team growing and more members are joining our family.

Mostly my dream to launch and evolve in LA is coming to fruition, this has been something I’ve been building towards since opening my company in 2002. The journey begins again and every day is a new adventure, no matter where the wind takes me.

I would like to give much thanks to our amazing team, this launch was definitely a unanimous effort and I believe I speak for everyone when I say that we are all very proud of what the results turned out to be.

Here’s to shooting for the stars and landing on the moon! No task is too large, no dream is too big and when in doubt remember that just a change in thought can change your entire life!

Check it out! for the new Multi-Sensory Experience! oh and don’t forget to share it with everyone 😉


Sari Gabbay – Founder, Prosperity Creator.
U2R1 Media Inc.


branding, marketing, web design toronto, los angeles

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