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We have had the pleasure of working with U2R1 since July 2012. I saw a video that Sari did with another Toronto Nutritionist and was completely inspired by her unconventional approach. When I first spoke with Sari over the phone her positive and calming nature was enlightening.

As a start up business, trying to create an online imagine can be intimidating but the team over at U2R1 made the transition exciting. They’ve patiently helped us learn about this new online realm we have entered and even in times of stress Sari has shared words of wisdom to help us keep our eye on the goal.

They took our ideas, our vision and the values of our company into their hands and created an absolutely beautiful brand for us from the ground up that couldn’t have represented us better. Lydia is an amazing designer with a creative flare who captured our vision perfectly.

We have had great feedback from our community and our clients are thrilled to have an online resource available to them. We now have an outlet that gives us the capability to reach a far greater number people helping us to reach our goal, to educate the world! We have completed phase one of our vision and look forward to seeing what U2R1 is capable of going forward. Our intuition served us right with this company, great decision!
Danielle Greco
Co-founder & Owner

We used U2R1 to assist us in launching our new brand, ADMIRE Employee Recognition Solutions. We have had many compliments on the lay out of our new website they designed. U2R1 is a group of innovative, unique, and highly responsive marketing individuals.

They gave us the back up support we needed to confirm our plans and move forward. They always made themselves available and kept us moving when at times we got bogged down. We would recommend them to anyone needing to re-brand!
Rick Clarke
Founders & President

U2R1 wrote and illustrated an original storybook called I’m on my way with RHA as part of a larger marketing campaign, “Creating Wonder”. Amidst the collateral material U2R1 created, this book stands out in its creativity and originality and has set us apart in a tight market.

Our prospective parents love that it tells the story of a student’s first days at our school. The book captures not only our brand, but speaks directly to our target market in a novel way. When U2R1 suggested the concept, we were on our way… to a successful marketing campaign that has, indeed, created wonder.
Mindy Applebaum
Director of Marketing and Communications

As a private school our website is our main source of communicating what is happening in our school to our client base. Our website allows our parents, students, and potential parents and students to see deeper into what we do, how we do it, and who we are. U2R1 has been instrumental in enabling us to do so.

Their design and creative consultants are superb. Not only did they address all our previous functionality issues by providing us with a design that is both inviting and easily navigable but they have done in a way that portrays who we truly are. Their ability to tap into who we are and what we represent is uncanny. They offer a very personal and personable service.

We wholeheartedly recommend U2R1 to anyone who is looking for a creative, passionate, cutting-edge design team which can turn your vision into a website that works for you and your client base.
Steve Tsimikalis
Principal Toronto Prep School

As TanenbaumCHAT – the High School of the Toronto Jewish Community – approached its Jubilee year, we decided to completely revise our marketing and recruitment campaign aimed at prospective students and their parents.

Originally finding them on the Internet, and impressed by their unconventional approach, we contracted with U2R1. This was a huge leap of faith for a fairly traditional school, recruiting from a very close-knit community, whose marketing and recruitment had always been masterminded ‘in house’. We were delighted with the results! Sari and her team were perceptive about the messages we needed to get across, persuasive (but not dogmatic) about their proposals, and easy to communicate with.

We have been very happy with the ongoing relationship, and impressed with:

The willingness of the U2R1 team to really try and understand our market and our school

The freshness of approach

The willingness to understand that we need a distinctive ‘message’

The sophistication of their analysis and planning

Their willingness to listen!

They have been patient and appropriate in dealing with a very busy client.

They painlessly brought us what we wanted – a complete ‘new look’, which spoke directly to students and parents alike; focused, colourful, fresh, animated in every sense, and with immediate appeal. Within a short time of ‘launch’, we were getting excellent feedback from our ‘constituencies’.

Great stuff! We made a good choice!

Paul Shaviv
Director of Education

We approached U2R1 because we needed an agency who was going to establish the brand of our burger franchise here in the US. U2R1 really stood out from all of the other agencies.

Sari Gabbay really understood our vision and her team did a phenomenal job on building our brand and creative materials. What was even more satisfying was that they acted as a marketing extension of our company and advised us on many aspects of our brand; from the look of the restaurant, to the experience, to the packaging design.

What really stood out was how U2R1 really cared about our brand and delivered a fantastic product that impressed our investors more than we could of ever have imagined.

U2R1 gave us the materials we needed to help further our sales initiatives, and succeed as a new brand in North America. We would recommend this creative agency to any business out there that wants to increase their sales, and brand visibility.
Eric Michael
Director of Marketing

I contacted U2R1 because our company needed to take itself to the next level. Our site and brand were a bit dated and we needed a company to design a unique and modern look that represented the company and appealed to our target audience. U2R1 did just that! They worked closely with me to explain their concepts and ideas clearly and delivered results that were beyond my expectations. I am very pleased with my new brand and website and have since seen an increase in online inquiries! I highly recommend U2R1 to any business, their expertise and great customer service are a perfect match for ultimate success.
Tom Connolly

Just before meeting with Sari and her team at U2R1 I had revamped my brand and needed a killer website to reflect that. Given that my brand is a direct representation of me, Sari understood how important it was for the site to reflect my personality, and how all the elements really needed to connect with my target audience. U2R1 really worked with me to bring my general vision to a reality, and captured the essence of my brand wonderfully. Since the launch of my site, I have gained exposure in the industry and credibility with my clients. I am very pleased with the delivery and execution of my site, and look forward to working with U2R1 in the future to further grow my brand.
Damon Snider
Director of Dude-ism

U2R1 Media helped me solidify my brand as well as distill my entire life vision. Sari and her team developed a visual identity for me while always remaining open to my feedback and values. They guided me through what would otherwise have been a very over-whelming process, with expertise and style. I am thrilled with my new website and am looking forward to launching a new social media endeavour!
Danielle Nicholas Bryk
HGTV Star "Bryk House"

We came to the realization early on that we were not looking simply for a logo design, but a full brand strategy and identity to go along with what we envisioned. Everything fell into place when we came across U2R1. I told them I was looking to fall in love, and I did just that. U2R1 nailed it! Sari and her team took what was only a dream and brought it to life. Now, we have a clear direction and a beautiful brand that I personally love and believe in! As a result, I am grateful for their attention to detail, patience to understand exactly what we were looking for and taking the time to get everything just right. When I look back on this, I will always remember that Sari and U2R1’s creative genius was an integral element of our success. I cannot thank you enough and will forever sing your praises high from the mountaintop.
Chris Bazos
Managing Director - Travelous

Sari, you are a magician, you are really, really gifted at seeing what people need and giving it to them in the moment. You are not only great at marketing, but really good at hearing and being intuitive about what people need... Thank you from the bottom of my heart. Even better than Donald Trump!
Kristi Frank
Season One - The Apprentice

In 2014 we started our launch in Canada and USA together with our partner company LBTi in Toronto, from our headquarters in Munich Germany. From the very beginning the Brand & Marketing Agency, U2R1 Media accompanied and supported our project in full activity. Sari Gabbay, the President and CCO uses the slogan “Prosper with Me” in her e-mail signature. For what it’s worth you can take her word for it!

With marketing expertise and never ending enthusiasm she and her team came up with stunning, smart and creative ideas to promote a new product like Bondic, which is really in need of explanation and public education.

Whenever there was a question of any kind of ambiguity she and the U2R1 Media team were available and never fell short of 100% delivery. In good faith and without hesitation I highly recommend U2R1 Media to all businesses who are in a similar position, launching a product to the public and in need of brand and marketing strategies that work and delivery results!

Dr. Thomas Offerman
Founder BONDIC Technologies

We love working with Sari. U2R1 created an amazing video featuring our hotel. The video was flawless and made me want to vacation at our hotel! I recommend Sari for any project you may be planning. She is professional, innovative and really knows her stuff.
Lorie Towsley
Marketing Manager


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