Integrating Consciousness into Consulting and Biz Development


What does that exactly mean? As we evolve as a society and humanity more and more people are becoming aware of the fact that their actions effect more than just the immediate circle around them. Look at the large companies like BP for example? Have you noticed that a lot of mainstream companies are now being more socially conscious and environmentally aware?

Words like “natural” “chemical free” “no preservatives” etc. are becoming a big marketing message. That’s because the people aka society is now more actively involved in making this world a safer and more peaceful place.

So what does it mean to integrate consciousness into business development?

What I’m doing at U2R1 Media is expanding our services into the realm of socially conscious business consulting. AS WELL as integrating “holistic” (for lack of a better word) practices into business development.

The approach is simple. How can you increase your sales and communicate to your clients from an authentic representation of yourself, as well as be a company who is not only bottom line driven but wants to make a difference, small or large on the rest of society.

Every action, has a direct effect on the rest of the world.

U2R1 – we are all part of one entity.

If you want to discuss areas of your business that you think you need to improve please feel free to contact me for a consulting session. One on one.

We can cover all aspects of your business, Start up or Existing or even if you are an employee who needs guidance:

Internal day-to-day issues
Stress related situations
Fear & Doubt

No matter what there is a solution to every situation, sometimes you just need guidance and someone else to help you open another door.

Cost is $125/hour and we do offer package rates.

feel free to call the office: 416-345-8271

or email:

Experience the Multi-Sensory today!

With true authenticity.
Sari Gabbay
Founder – Prosperity Creator

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