Giving Back: Using your brand for good


As designers, we love color. So imagine how excited we were to find this site:  There you can OWN a color, giving it your own name and description!

Own a Color, Save a Child (

Own a Color, Save a Child (

It’s easy. Just pick your color, name it, and buy it for as little as £1.

Here’s the topper: Every penny goes to help transform children’s lives through Unicef!

Can you imagine? There are over 16.7 million colors to be named. Even at just £1 each, think of all the good we could do in this world with £16.7 million.

What does buying a color have to do with my brand?

As a business, your brand is who you are. Your colors, your logo, and your messaging all work to portray your company’s core essence and build trust in your target audience.

Your brand colors are as much a part of your identity as your full logo.  Why not make it official and OWN your color? (We realize this is not like trademarking or anything official, but it sure looks good to be able to say you named your color!)

Moreover, remember the saying “Actions speak louder than words”? Your company’s actions solidify your real core values. That is especially true of charitable actions, as they don’t technically benefit your business directly. These actions show your target audience that you are more than just a business.

When you stand by your values with actions, it builds trust and faith in everyone from employees to consumers.  That trust and faith in turn grows your business and validates your brand identity further.

The Own a Color campaign is a perfect way to reiterate not just your brand’s colors but also your brand’s core values.

How does that use my brand for good?

Well that’s easy! You’re buying your brand colors and all the money is going toward Unicef, thereby helping save children around the world.

But as with any good brand messaging, the key is to get it out there. Simply buying the color will not necessarily help your brand. There’s one more key step.

You need to promote your action:

  • send out a newsletter
  • write a blog
  • post your color on Facebook
  • tweet it
  • in store promotions, anything to get the word out!

Then your one brand action potentially becomes many actions, all for a good cause. Not only do you promote you brand color and name, but you show that your company is doing good and sharing that good with the world.

We’ve got ours…  now go get yours and use your brand for good!

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Not sure what your core essence or core values are? Don’t have a brand identity?

We can help! At U2R1 Media, we work with a wide variety of companies to create or solidify their brand identities. From a new start up to an established corporation, we can help you discover who you are, what you do, who your target audience is, how you should look, how you should sound, and much more. Your brand is your core; let us help you make it stronger!

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