Gap’s new logo = fail


So for those of you who have not yet seen Gap’s new logo, your doing yourself a service.  It baffles me when multimillion dollar companies create visual identities that have absolutely no creative ingenuity at all.

After all their creative marketing initiatives via commercials it seems as though Gap’s recent efforts to re-brand have fallen off the creative totem poll into a flash back of 1990 Helvetica.  I would have loved to know what their market research was on this brand identity.  What this brand tells me is that not only does Gap not have a solid grasp on their own image, they clearly do not understand their clientele and that’s just sad.

As a retail, fashion outlet, you look more now like an insurance firm with this logo.  It’s the opposite of memorable and has no emotional connection at all to the consumer.  In fact, in my eyes it just repels me to the bone.  Ever heard of the saying “if it aint broke!!” Gap claims that their efforts to change their brand was to create a debate and get the public to submit designs of their own “We’ve had the same logo for 20+ years, and this is just one of the things we’re changing. We know this logo created a lot of buzz and we’re thrilled to see passionate debates unfolding! So much so we’re asking you to share your designs. We love our version, but we’d like to see other ideas.” Are you kidding me??  of course you want to see other ideas, how could you possibly be proud of the outcome of this experiment?

Of course you want the public to submit their ideas now, since you probably spent thousands of dollars on the creation of something that a first year graphic design student in 1989 could have come up with.

The new logo was created by “Laird and Partners” and I think the public agrees they really dropped the ball on this one, especially since Gap is now reaching out to the public to fix their error.   In my opinion the original logo was great the way it was, timeless, original, memorable and recognizable as the company image.  This new logo looks like any other boring run of the mill company.  It’s a sad day for the fashion and design world I’ll tell you that much.

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