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U2R1 had fun creating a thematic website that introduced the exciting and unique goals behind Type-D – “dude” living refined. Based on the principals of “dopeness” and dude-ism Type-D is a home design company for men with a major focus on finding a pleasing-to-the-eye coexistence between men and women who share the same space. We rolled up our sleeves to create a “man cave” inspired website.

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Project Overview

Type-D puts it simply, think Martha Stewart and if your internal instincts encourage you to shoot yourself in the left foot in order to divert your thoughts, then you understand their design philosophy completely. With a mission to find the perfect balance between the female and male population in terms of home design, Type-D approached U2R1 to create a website that mirrored their eye for design and we took on the creatively challenging process to design a sleek website for a group of designers!

With our humor applied and our web design skills pushed to the limit we helped Type-D create a website that inspired clients to trust them in creating and designing a modern man cave. Appealing to female clientele was important too and we ensured the website displayed Type-D’s tasteful design and helped proved that manly style can still appear refined. Launching the company into the public was also a very critical task. Aside from the website we took the time to execute a strong social media strategy campaign and an online contest that increased brand visibility and established a base of awareness.

We got to know this brand so well we almost feel like we could design our own homes!


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