Custom Private Tour Architects

TRAVELOUS hired, U2R1 Media to establish their brand identity and help them launch into the market as an industry leader, private tour company.  We ended up becoming strategic partners with them and act as their exclusive marketing advisers and strategists.  U2R1 not only created their brand but built their complex website in an open source CMS platform on a cloud server that integrates and automatically updates from Travelogic the desktop software, tour management system.

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Project Overview

Travelous is a private tour operator made up of Tour Architects who customize their client’s experiences based on their values and how they dream to see the world. From the bed you sleep in, to the cuisine you taste, to the streets you walk down, we leave no stone unturned as we transform your imagination into reality. Leave your map at home because with a Travelous Tour Architect by your side you will get to your destinations free of worry, saving you time and money.

Whether it’s the big attractions you wish to visit or the desire to go off the beaten path, we will build you a custom itinerary allowing you to focus solely on being in awe as you take in the magnificence around you.

Travelous is committed to giving you meaningful, defining moments and together we will write your story so that your trip down memory lane will be a story worth telling.

"What we did:"

  • built the brand and visual identity
  • logo design and creation
  • concept development
  • brand strategy and consulting
  • copywriting and storytelling
  • visual brand guidelines document
  • web design and development
  • integration into Travelogic desktop software


"We came to the realization early on that we were not looking simply for a logo design, but a full brand strategy and identity to go along with what we envisioned. Everything fell into place when we came across U2R1. I told them I was looking to fall in love, and I did just that. U2R1 nailed it! Sari and her team took what was only a dream and brought it to life.

Now, we have a clear direction and a beautiful brand that I personally love and believe in! As a result, I am grateful for their attention to detail, patience to understand exactly what we were looking for and taking the time to get everything just right. When I look back on this, I will always remember that Sari and U2R1’s creative genius was an integral element of our success. I cannot thank you enough and will forever sing your praises high from the mountaintop."

-Chris Bazos – Managing Director. Travelous.

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