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Crave is an Influencer App Platform designed to empower Digital Creators

U2R1 Media was hired by Crave to build a brand that they can communicate to the U.S. market. A Tel Aviv tech startup looking to launch and target Digital Influencers by giving them a dedicated space to co-create, collaborate and connect directly with their fans. We built their brand, communication, creative strategies, marketing and PR plan. We also produced, animated and art directed their digital commercial featuring country music star: Annie Bosko.

Crave website

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Press Release

Project Overview

U2R1 Media worked with Crave, a Tel Aviv startup to develop their brand communications and launch them to the U.S. market. We created all brand communications, worked closely with them on building various creative marketing and PR strategies, as well as producing an animated and film based commercial to launch online.

What we did:

  • built the brand communications
  • UX design
  • creative campaign
  • marketing plan and strategies
  • copywriting and storytelling
  • social media strategy
  • video production
  • animation
  • art direction


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