Burgerim Restaurant Franchise

Burgerim Restaurant Franchise

Natural burgers for a revolutionary experience in fast food

Just as Burgerim was driven to make anything but a boring burger, U2R1 was inspired to create an exciting brand identity that launched them into the North Amercian market. As a result starting a burger revolution.





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Project Overview

The pair behind Burgerim made a pact in 2008 to introduce a better kind of burger to the world. They dreamed of offering all-natural, fresh beef patties and infusing them with their heritage and love of the Mediterranean. Knowing their target audience, the team introduced a wide variety of meats, toppings, spices, sides, and salads to create an infinite amount of flavor combinations and, in the end, give birth to a burger revolution!

Just as Burgerim wanted to keep things fresh, so did we. Not only did U2R1 create a sweet brand identity that encompassed their tagline, mission, and communications story, but we also built a website that empowered the burger revolutionaries. We created a platform that allowed them to update the website on a frequent basis given our knowledge of their rapid growth. Showcasing the variety options was key and copywriting was employed to craft all of their materials and ensure clear objectives and effortless navigation for consumers.

Knowing and understanding Burgerim’s potential, we also gave them the opportunity for expansion by creating a franchise sales package that we built from scratch to ensure a concise brand vision and mission that could be communicated to potential franchisees.

Given news of a recent addition in West Hollywood, we gave Burgerim the tools to grow and succeed – we’re just pleased we got to be part of the revolution.

What we did:

  • built the brand and visual identity
  • packaging for food takeout
  • website design, strategy and development
  • franchise sales brochure
  • marketing strategy
  • copywriting and storytelling


"We approached U2R1 because we needed an agency who was going to establish the brand of our burger franchise here in the US. U2R1 really stood out from all of the other agencies. Sari Gabbay really understood our vision and her team did a phenomenal job on building our brand and creative materials.

What was even more satisfying was that they acted as a marketing extension of our company and advised us on many aspects of our brand; from the look of the restaurant, to the experience, to the packaging design. What really stood out was how U2R1 really cared about our brand and delivered a fantastic product that impressed our investors more than we could of ever have imagined.

U2R1 gave us the materials we needed to help further our sales initiatives, and succeed as a new brand in North America. We would recommend this creative agency to any business out there that wants to increase their sales, and brand visibility."

-Eric Michael - Marketing Director

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