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OakHeart Country Music Festival’s 5th year is dedicated to helping save the lives of Warriors and helping those in need

12,000+ attendees, 1,000 volunteers, over 40 National and local acts, and countless causes have made OakHeart Country Music Festival what it is today. And heading into its 5th year, OakHeart is striving for more. On June 4th they’ll continue their tradition of giving back – to Manna, Meals on Wheels, K9s for Warriors, and more – and bring new national…


Will Virtual Reality change the way you Travel?

VR or Virtual Reality is the new buzzword in technology and the travel industry may just be one of the first to bring this phenomenon into mainstream marketing.  Who wouldn’t want a “real life” experience in the Amazon before committing to a 10K plus investment? As Virtual Reality becomes more and more accessible companies like Marriott are diving right in.…


The World is Powered by Creators

As the digital age continues to evolve the face of marketing is undergoing massive change as well.  The term “Digital Influencer” is no longer a foreign concept and brands are swiftly jumping on the bandwagon to align with creators who have millions of social followers, ready to buy what they are selling. The statistics reflect this, too: A social media influencer’s endorsement…


U2R1 Media represents Babator Video at the Israel Conference

The Israel Conference is an annual networking event — this is its seventh year — full of panels and guest speakers focusing on companies that were “founded in Israel, have R&D in Israel, do business in Israel, or invest in Israeli companies,” according to the conference’s program materials. This year, it took place Oct. 21-22 at the Skirball Cultural Center.…


Google to penalize your website for not being mobile friendly!

We weren’t kidding the face of the internet is about to change for good and you could be gravely effected! It happened with A-tracks, cassette players, analogue, VHS and now it’s happening with websites. Over the years, the evolution of technology has constantly forced us to move towards the new, ditch the old and take the dive into the future,…


What to look for when hiring a social media community manager.

Everyone has realized the potential that social media holds for business. But how do you go about facilitating your social media efforts? Ideally, you want to hire someone else to take care of these online efforts in your stead. But you can’t hire just anyone. You need someone who knows not only the ins and outs of how each platform…


Take Notice with the Best Out-of-Home Ads

Out-of-home advertising is by no means a new concept. For decades, the public sphere has been one of the many entry points for advertising to infiltrate consumers’ lives. However, of late, OOH advertising has experienced a revival. This traditional form of advertising is becoming increasingly popular, despite the increasing percentage of marketing budgets being put towards digital efforts. “OOH ad…


Are you slow enough to succeed at Social Media?

They say patience is a virtue. But when it comes to social media marketing, few are willing to take this mantra to heart. Thus it is no surprise that when NextStage conducted a study of 1, 700 U.S. and Canada-based businesses, less than 8% said they were satisfied with the impact they’re having. Why is that? Well, many businesses dive…


World Cup Top 6 Ads

The World Cup is coming to a close and while U2R1 Media has been all about game time, we’re just as excited about what’s been happening in between plays. The World Cup has pushed brands to bring out their best when it comes to commercials and we’ve rounded up our favorites for you to check out! Beats by Dre –…


5 DIY Tips for Marketing your Business

5 DIY Marketing Tips In today’s world of highly accessible information online, it’s almost a no brainer that business owners should have some ability to do a little marketing on their own.  While it is always best to hire professionals, it doesn’t hurt to dabble a bit and understand the ins and outs of digital marketing especially in your own…

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