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What to look for when hiring a social media community manager.

Everyone has realized the potential that social media holds for business. But how do you go about facilitating your social media efforts? Ideally, you want to hire someone else to take care of these online efforts in your stead. But you can’t hire just anyone. You need someone who knows not only the ins and outs of how each platform…


Are you slow enough to succeed at Social Media?

They say patience is a virtue. But when it comes to social media marketing, few are willing to take this mantra to heart. Thus it is no surprise that when NextStage conducted a study of 1, 700 U.S. and Canada-based businesses, less than 8% said they were satisfied with the impact they’re having. Why is that? Well, many businesses dive…


5 DIY Tips for Marketing your Business

5 DIY Marketing Tips In today’s world of highly accessible information online, it’s almost a no brainer that business owners should have some ability to do a little marketing on their own.  While it is always best to hire professionals, it doesn’t hurt to dabble a bit and understand the ins and outs of digital marketing especially in your own…

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Tips to Avoid Social Media Hijacking

When you start advertising on a site like Facebook or Twitter, getting hacked into is probably one of the last things on your mind. This is due to the fact that few businesses that take advantage of social media to advertise are actually dealing in anything computer-based. For instance, a tech company is always on alert if they’re dealing with…


The 6 Things You Need to Know When Starting a Business.

Over the past 10 years I’ve owned and managed a brand and marketing company called U2R1. During this time, many people have come to me with ideas and dreams; they want to be entrepreneurs, they want to be successful and they want to shine in the spotlight. I always get a sense of thrill when I see that gleam in…


Social Media Etiquette

Recently we posted an image on our main Facebook page that humorously pointed out the fact that social media makes it easy to connect online and then making it super-redundant to connect in real life. While we got a quick chuckle out of it before posting, we had unanimously agreed that it had quite a bit of truth to it.…


Spring cleaning for your business

Many businesses face transitions and sometimes it is hard to embody change. But with everything in life, change happens constantly, and when we embrace it we end up realizing that it is likely for the better. Employees come and go and often times, people we come to trust and rely on, move on, whether it be for a new career,…


Are you still Human?

How many of you know the catch phrases of various brands more than you remember your anniversary date with your spouse? In today’s world with so many brands competing for our attention it’s almost impossible to disconnect and reconnect to our humanity.  We are so distracted by technology, but the irony is that as distracted as we are we are…


5 Reasons Video is Essential to Increasing your Bottom-Line

Having a video these days is key to expanding your brand and increasing client retention.  Just think of what you prefer when you land on a site – how many videos do you watch that have been shared by your friends?  What videos have you seen go viral in the past that have really left a strong impression? When you…

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